Why Trekking holiday is attracting more travelers:

Why Trekking holiday is attracting more travelers:

Trekking in Nepal and 9 Top benefits of Trekking

From ancient time great Masters, Yogis, scholars traveling to Himalayas, treks days and months away from everything in search of spiritual awakening. They practice meditational walk in pristine nature away from human inhabitant giving natural fuel to the mind and body which help them to survive and achieve greatest wisdom. In moderns days great leaders from all corners of society travels to Himalayas or similar region trekking days and months in quiet moments and self reflection, invigorating sights and for self challenging in nature.

Here are our top 9 benefits of trekking and active holidays.

Overall improved fitness:

As we say walking is the best way to exercise, trekking improves your physical health immensely. Walking for hours on the trail in clean nature, climbing around boulder, rock hopping and ascending hills gives your whole body a workout, improving your strength, agility and cardio fitness. Longer trekking is also best way to lose weight. As you are carrying your own day pack, you burn more than 600 calories per hour in a day trekking.

Reduces Stress and more:

It has been proven that Trekking even for a day reduces stress. You can imagine, walking for days, weeks, and release toxic of your body. Science says “exposure to nature can counteract the negative effects of stress and anxiety: Those who completed the nature walk tended toward less rumination—the acute focus on one’s distress—than those who took the urban route”. More you spend time outdoors on a trek or holiday in nature is perfect ways to heal and rejuvenate your mind. Trekking or walking requires a certain degree of mindfulness to follow the trail and to reach destination timely and safely. Enjoy natural beauty instantly gives you emotion of happiness.

Trekking and walking in nature or forest area strengthens the immune system, energies the body and enhance our outlook and help in focus in our demanding life style.

Increase immune system:

Studies shows plant produce a chemical called phytoncides, this chemical is natural oil that plants use to defend themselves against insects, bacteria and fungi.

This chemical (Phytoncides) produce by plant in aromatic form improve the human immune system by increasing natural killer cell activity which rapidly respond to virus-infected cells and tumor formation. Other benefit of Phytoncides are anti cancer proteins, reduce anxiety, anger and fatigue.

Improves Cardio vascular strength:

Trekking can increase cardiovascular power as the heart has to pump harder to keep up with the oxygen demand while trekking which intensify the blood flow to brain and other part of body, significantly improving the circulation and respiration system. Breathing fresh air in nature supply from the clean forest refresh your whole body structure. Please note that 75% of air pollution is from vehicle emission.

Social skill and bonding time:

Trekking is a great opportunity for bonding, be with your friends, family members, business partners. During trekking minds are normally in relaxed and calm mood which helps people to understand each other. Any help or word of motivation makes huge difference. During trekking, you cannot trust or expect help from others people but to get help from your trekking partners which compel to bring people closure and make a bond.  Trekking teaches people to share good memories and experiences that come with trekking can also help overcome differences, encourage an acceptance of different kinds of people and increase your ability to adjust and get along with others. Being out in nature also means that technology and social media is inaccessible, stimulating one-on-one conversations. You may very well find that the people you trek with become life-long friends after spending a week in the wilderness, many times, fathers trekking with sons created a lifetime memories spending quality time away from any kind of disturbance.

Softer skill development:

The benefits of trekking don’t just apply to your physical, mental or social health – it can also benefit your management skills, believe it or not! When planning your trek, you may find yourself setting training targets, planning for the trek, organising your schedule, setting goals, learning how to adapt to change and developing your mental strength. These are all skills that are highly valued in the working world, and can be a foundation for personal growth that you may surprise you with a new founded self confidence! Gyaltsen & Guest – Mardi Himal 2015

Understanding of Cultural and Natural heritage:

Trekking holidays is the best way to understand and experience natural and culture heritage of the host country. For instant, in Nepal, travelers spend overnight at local lodge, meet people of different ethnic community, eat local meals, enjoy breath taking view of highest mountains on earth, and see high altitude wildlife, forest of herbal plant, ancient monuments, festival and unique insight into the ecosystems of a destination.

Inner Bathe:

You are much less likely to drink coffee or alcoholic drinks, but you’ll drink plenty of liquid and eat whole foods. Consuming nothing but goodness for a week or more has positive outcomes for inner health, as a result you will undergo positive and feel fantastic, your skin rejuvenates and there is empowerment when the body and mind goes a la natural. Japanese called it “Forest Bath” when you trek through green forest full of trees.

Contribute in economy of host country

During Trekking you will be staying in lodges, eating meal, hiring local people which directly help in the economy of the people. You will be paying different types of fee during your holiday which also contributes revenue of host country. Some travelers out of compassion take part in charitable activities for the welfare of the host country. Such activity gives travelers a great sense of satisfaction and inspire others to do the similar work.