Who We Are

The two ancient forbidden kingdoms of Nepal and Tibet have shared a long history together, which began (around 624 CE) with the marriage of Tibet’s Great King Songtsen Gampo and Princess Bhrikuti of Nepal.

If you have travelled to both Tibet and Nepal, it would be easy to find a significant amount of similarities in their culture, traditions and architecture. It is said that when Princess Bhrikuti came to Tibet, she brought with her sacred images and expert Newari craftsmen from Nepal. The King and the Princess then built a temple together the ‘Tsulag Khang’ (House of Wisdom) to house these sacred images – more popularly known today as ‘Jokhang’ (House of the Lord).

Later during1245 CE a genius Nepali artisan by the name of Arniko travelled to Tibet leading a team of architects to build a Golden Stupa. He also contributed to the construction of a few sections of the Potala palace. 


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