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Covid-19 caused massive spike in unemployment in the tourism industry.  Tourism being a sensitive industry it has suffered a lot in Nepal in particular in past  due to many factors such as national and international geo politics , natural calamities and of course failure of Government proper recognition. Most development in the tourism industry are the result of continued hard work and initiatives of private sectors. Despite all the hurdles there has been consistent development in the industry, and in recent time Government seems to have realized the importance of the industry. 

COVID-19 has changed the perspectives of many entrepreneurs like ours. SME’s in tourism from the third world country have suffered a lot from such unimaginable unforeseen circumstance without emergency fund to sustain the business. The most discouraging situation was the Government completely failed to understand industry tourism in particular which has suffered and it will take time to recover. Government lack of forthcoming in rescue dying financially weak SME instead their decision to ease restrictions and remind business sectors to pay tax was out of anyone imagination. Many SME like us compelled to reconsider alternate business or at diversify business to lower risk in future time. 

Our company Basanta Adventure decided not to lay off any staff instead we are paying 50% of their original salaries till December including our key field leaders (guides) working as freelance professionals in Nepal and Tibet. Of course, we would not have been able to do this without our generous and kind support from all our families and friends. We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts. 

Thank you and please contact us if you need any information.



Basanta Adventure Treks & Expedition (BATE) is a leading travel company that believes in doing business with a purpose. BATE has been closely working with charity organisations in education, environment and sustainable tourism. BATE takes great pride in a very successful sponsorship program, run by its charity partner Future for Nepal that has educated more than 25 young children from nursery to college. Among its sponsored children are nurses, executives in business, a doctor and business owners. BATE also runs a gap year program through which more than 15 local families, and 10 local schools have benefitted. 

Gap year:
A semester or year of experiential learning, typically taken after high school and prior to career or post-secondary education, in order to deepen one's practical, professional, and personal awareness."

Gap years are alike: Intentionality, deliberately expanding one's comfort zones, having a cross-cultural experience, and reflecting on your experiences are critical components to a quality gap year.

BATE provide accommodation to gap year volunteer in Nepal family house in their typical habitat, gap year participant experience local life and host family are paid handsomely as a part of income generation project where as school benefits by gap year participant share their western idea of education and creativities which lacks the most in Nepal.  

Covid-19 has devastated the tourist industry in Nepal. The Government of Nepal is unable to provide any financial assistance to businesses, unlike in the USA and Europe. It will take months, years even, for businesses like ours to recover - and the failure rate among small and medium enterprises is likely to be high. The Government’s inability to provide any financial support was bad enough, but the lack of any tax relief has compounded our difficulties. Like many others SMEs we have been compelled to consider alternative ways of protecting our staff and lowering the risk of business collapse. 

When the lockdown was announced in March 2020, Basanta Adventure Treks Expeditions, decided to protect our staff to the best of our ability. We committed to pay our core staff 50% of their salaries until December 2020 – beneficiaries include our key field leaders (guides) who work as freelance professionals in Nepal and Tibet. Our aim is to help our staff and their families survive through the current financial crisis. We managed to do this, but could not have succeeded without generous financial support and assistance from our families, friends and clients. We are deeply grateful for this kindness, and the appreciation of our services that it signifies. 

At the time of writing this paper the Corona virus continues to spread globally, and in Nepal. Nepal has over 70,000 reported cases, with 1500+ new cases every day – and vaccination will take a very long time. Although many of our .customers will have been vaccinated by the fall of 2021, it seems likely that the tourism industry will start to recover before the second half of next year.

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