The best trekking agency I have tried in Nepal

My first hike in Nepal was in 1969 and my last one was in April 2016, which will certainly not be my last! I've walked almost 3000 miles through crowded places and have been on two everest expeditions, so I have a fair amount of experience dealing with trekking agencies as well as trekking on my own with a couple of buttons. He first introduced Basanta in 2012 and he has organized three trips for me and my friends so far that have been exceptional. Basant and his office staff are friendly, helpful and efficient and the staff assigned to us from the Sirdar (Head of Guide), the cook and all the porters have been equally outstanding. I have never received such personal attention to detail and service, and we have no hesitation in declaring that Basanta Aventura hiking and expeditions are, by far, The best organization I have used in Nepal. For 2017 I am planning two trips to Tibet as well as one sightseeing trip in Nepal. Nepalis have earned a reputation for friendliness but Basant and his team are a very difficult act to follow.

- Adrian Gordon


Without trust there is no one else!

In my opinion it is only Aventura Basanta company to use on trips to Nepal. I have been to Basanta Adventure Trips twice; The first was a group itinerary on a 7-day langtang trek, 2-day whitewater rafting, a trip to Chtiwan National Park, and an incredible 8-day tour of Tibet. From start to finish, the staff were friendly, helpful, communicative and every detail was very well planned. No problem was too big and they helped us find the best hotels and transportation to Pokhara for an impromptu visit without any problems at all. The second trip was a hike along the Mardi-himal group route out of Pokhara, a year later. Basanta nuevo Aventura were fantastic and their trekking guides were second to none. I would recommend 10/10 to anyone!

- Chris Wagstaff



The most professional team in Nepal

Without a shadow of a doubt, Basant Adventure is the most professional remote trekking provider I've come across. I was fortunate to lead an expedition of eight people to Nepal in April 2015. The group ages ranged from 8 to 53 and completed the Mardi Himal trek as well as visiting Pokhara. At all times we had 100% confidence in the team's ability to take care of us and ensure that each of our needs. The trekking team were a real pleasure working with all the porters and guides who couldn't do enough to take care of the two of us in and around the cities and especially on the trek. If you are going to Nepal for any reason, for any length of time and with any size group I could not recommend this company highly enough.

- Andy Wagstaff


Unwavering support for the four months I spent in Nepal

I stayed in Nepal for four months and the whole time I was there I felt completely supported by bat. The team organized every activity, which included trekking and rafting, perfectly and the whole experience went incredibly smoothly. Any question that is answered by one of the team beats in a very short period of time. Even when my friends and I decided to add certain activities to our trip or change some of the more subtle details BATE would be extremely helpful and re-organize everything for us. I am so grateful to Basant and his team and can't wait to visit Nepal again soon! !

- Finola D