This ride starts with a short section of traffic roads to the National Park Gate. Then you will enter the jungle and follow the winding jeep trail on its 21 km climb to the top of the second highest ‘hill’ in the Valley. You can enjoy the amazing views from the top. 

Now the downhill begins, retrace the main trail for 3 km then head right which will take you too very deep jungle, from the army check post you can enjoy the panoramic views of Manasalu and Ganesh Himal. From here the single track fun begins with a fast descent. After the single track, 6km of sweeping flat trail takes us out of the jungle and back to the main road at Mudkhu where you can stop for a while and take a break. From this place you can follow cross country trails and fun single tracks before getting back to Kathmandu.


1 Day Available on request